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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Purpose Driven Life

It is times like this, when we are under spiritual attack, that I like to myself with the comforting words of some of the best Christian writers out there. I did the Purpose Driven Life workshop many years ago and find myself falling back on its teachings.

Most of you know the trials and tribulations that we have gone through since we began our new life here in Arizona. What should have been a time of enjoyment, adventure, peace and security, literally turned into a nightmare. We sit back and wonder why we came all the way out here to live in the situation that we have lived in. We thought that it was to make our family stronger. Well, it certainly did that. We are a very strong and secure family. We thought that maybe our purpose was to teach those around us the errors of their ways and to help them develop a walk with the Lord. We aren't sure how well that one worked out. Mark and I usually try and surround ourselves with others that have the same beliefs, ethics and morals as us. We don't turn away people's friendship if they don't have the same beliefs that we have, but we also don't set out to find people who live below the law. It used to be that you could take someone who said that they were a Christian at face value. Now, it kind of makes you want them to show proof that they go to church or read the Bible!! Whatever happened to human kindness and generosity? Whatever happened to the moral fiber of our society? We have been challenged and attacked from so many sides since August that we were starting to feel spiritually depleted. We talked to our pastor about what we were going through and he really helped to shed some light on the situation. He told us that people who are unhappy with themselves or their living situation will attack those who have what they want. You would think that if you weren't happy with who you were or who you were with that you would embrace those around you that could possibly help you. Our pastor also told us that people who are hurting, hurt others and sometimes don't realize they are doing it. But in most cases they do. It's that old saying, "Misery likes company". Mark and I have st rived very hard to have a marriage based on faith, trust, honesty, respect and love. This is something that we will not compromise. We aren't going to lie, cheat, steal, attack or harass others because that is what is being done to us. We don't stand in a place of judgement against anyone. We merely want to live our lives in peace and not have to constantly be looking over our shoulder. But the lack of human decency really gets me. I had a really bad fall in the house back in October. I am still waiting to find out if I need surgery or if the physical therapy is going to help. You would have thought that the PO (property owner) would have shown some kind of concern for what occurred on her property. Nope, not a word. No concern, no compassion, zilch. Should I be surprised? Well, I kind of was but had to be reminded of what kind of people we are dealing with. Am I saying that they are bad people? No. Just very misguided. We honestly thought while we were moving out here that they were going to be really good friends for us. The PO even wanted to take my daughter under her wing and treat her like a little sister. I'm very fortunate that this wasn't allowed to happen. It would have been nice to foster a friendship with these people, even though they live a lifestyle that is a complete opposite of ours. Still, it would have been nice. I don't see that happening anytime soon, but God does work in mysterious ways. Is it wrong to just want to be left alone and allowed to live our lives? Apparently so, but we are doing it anyway. The sellers of the new house are such wonderful people. We felt kind of gun shy after the experience that we have been through, but we were treated so well!!! We found the house completely by accident. It's almost as if God put that house right in the middle of other houses we were looking at and said "This is the house I have provided for you". We look forward to sitting in front of our fireplace and drinking a cup of eggnog or hot cocoa (since Andrea can't and doesn't drink alcohol). It is so nice to not have the wind whistling through 2 inch cracks around the door frames or around the windows. It has been really cold here the past week and my babies have had to pile the blankets on top of their beds because of the cold air coming in through the cracks and crevices. And the PO flat out refused to put on the weather stripping!! Again, no compassion. Be mad at us, but don't take it out on my children. My children are innocent in all of this. All they did was bust their little bottoms to help finish the work on the house. They wanted a home and we tried to provide that for them. They are so excited about the new house though. The neighbors have even come over and met us and we haven't even officially moved in yet!! We are so anxious and excited about getting to know the new people. The neighbors that we have had here are great. We've spent many nights either over at their house or them over here, just sitting back and talking and laughing. We know that we will miss them when we are gone!! But we also know that they were brought into our lives for a reason and this is a friendship that we want to continue to foster and watch grow.

God brings us people into our lives for a reason. Sometimes that reason is clear. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out. Sometimes we never do. But whatever the reason, we need to give Him thanks. I know this sounds weird, but it is true. God doesn't make mistakes. God doesn't make errors in judgement. Every person that you encounter, every single day, is there for a reason. That meeting may be fleeting, or it may turn into a life long friendship. But there is a purpose behind everything. I thank God everyday for the people that he has put in my path. I pray that I can be of some support, comfort or friendship. If I can't, then it isn't from lack of trying. I don't pretend to be anything I'm not. I'm just me.

In the meantime, after we are settled in to our new house, after the holidays and after Mark finishes tax season, we are putting most of our effort into our non profit. Since I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2006, I have helped to write legislation to get more funding for research for my disease. My non profit in California did really well and I know that out here it can really take off. I've already met a few people that have Sarcoidosis. I sit back and wonder why God would give me this disease, but again, I know my life has a purpose. I know that I can reach out and comfort and educate others. We will keep you posted as to when our non profit is up and running. I've already got our first fundraiser planned, again with help from a very unlikely source. Something else to be thankful for. If the situation here wasn't what it is I never would have met this wonderful man. Believe me, you haven't heard the last of us!!!

Oh, and we've acquired a few "intriguing" books that Mark is dying to list. So we will also be getting our book business back off the ground as well. We just haven't had the time or energy with everything else going on to devote to our book business like we had wanted. But that doesn't stop us from looking through the stacks whenever we pass a thrift store or a book sale!!! More to come from the Timmons clan.........

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