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Idyll (n) - a short prose piece depicting a rural or pastoral scene in idealized terms; a carefree episode or experience; a romantic interlude; a scene or event of a simple and tranquil nature.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Checking in

For all of you who read our blog, and we sincerely thank you, we just wanted to check in really quick and let you all know that we are indeed alive and well. Things have been kind of hectic around here with having 4 kids, 3 cats and 1 very active and protective Chihuahua!!! Just to kind of recap the last few weeks: we got married 3/14 and honeymooned in Newbury Port, MA. We spent our wedding night at a quaint little hotel/spa in Rowley, MA that had THE biggest bathtub we have ever seen!!! No kidding, it took over 20 minutes to fill. We were hit with some unexpected weather that night and woke up the next morning to some snow and later rain. So we weren't able to explore Newbury Port as much as we would have liked because it was just freezing cold. The kids are out of school next week and we want to take them there and also explore places that we didn't get to see before. Drea has been having some difficulties getting adjusted to the new pain meds that she was put on in March and when she goes to pain management again at the end of this month, we are going to have to explore some other options. The company that Mark works for had a huge merger with another large company and they are now the 22ND most powerful company in the WORLD!!! It would be nice if he got a pay raise to reflect that!!!! We are experiencing some nice spring type weather here, but Mark says for me not to get too used to it right now because colder days are on the horizon!!!! :( This California girl is ready for some nice warm sunshine!! All the kids are doing great and getting a bit of spring fever. Drea better find some things for them to do next week with them out of school or they will drive here crazy!!

We are going to be planning a few Book Only Sales to try and liquidate our inventory before we move out West. We will make sure to post when they will be here and also on Craigslist. But first we have to go through what we have and decide what we really want to hold onto for our book store and what we can get rid of!!! We haven't bought any new inventory in quite a while and Drea is really missing Got Books. That shop is THE best place to find stuff and all the books are a buck each!! No kidding.

Drea has discovered two new authors, Maeve Bincy and Francine Rivers. Her mom recommended them and these authors are great. If you want so nice, wholesome, inspirational reading with out a lot of smut and bad language, I highly recommend these authors to you.

I am sure that Mark will be posting at a later date. Again, thanks for reading and hope all is well with you all.