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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yesterday's Finds

Andrea and I went bookhunting yesterday, and we picked up a couple of nice finds. Not antiquarian mind you, but the prices were oh-so-right!

Emily Bronte, Her Life and Work, a biography by Muriel Stark and Derek Stanford. This is the First American Edition, published in 1966 by Coward-McAnn, Inc., New York. The book is in near-fine condition, and the dust jacket shows a little wear.

The second book we found is somewhat ironic, given the fact that we recently moved to Arizona from Salem, Massachusetts. The book is titled The Peabody Sisters of Salem, and it was written by Louise Hall Tharp. This edition was published in 1950 by Little, Brown and Company, and is dedictaed to the "Hawthorne descendants."There is no dust jacket, and the purple cover shows slight fading. Inside the front cover, and again on the title page, evidence that a bookplate was removed, but it was done without tearing the pages. Other than that, this book is also in great condition.


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