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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Andrea's obsession with James Patterson

I am a HUGE James Patterson fan and am absolutely DYING to read his new book, 7th Heaven. I am on the waiting list at the library for it right now and it is taking so long!!!! I am proud to say that I turned Mark into a fan as well (although I am the bigger fan) and it is nice that we are able to share a mutual author. Until recently, I had never seen any of the movies that were made from his books and now that I have I hear the voice of Morgan Freeman every time I read a book with Alex Cross in it!!!

Mark is so well read and will read just about anything. I stick mostly to the best sellers and the tried and true authors that I have been reading for years. My mom was actually the one that got me started on James Patterson and also Debbie Macomber. I started her on Nora Roberts and also Karen Robards. Although Nora Roberts can tend to be a bit too sexy for mom's liking. I don't like books written by JD Robb though. I know that they are really written by Roberts but I just don't like the style. I have also been a VC Andrews fan since I was in the junior high and actually used to work with the niece of the ghost writer that writes for her now. I have to say that the Andrews books have taken on quite a few twists and turns that are very unlike her original writings. But hey, if her family approves, who am I to say anything.

I was a pretty nice day here in Mass. Of course family and friends out west had to rub in how nice and warm it has been there lately!!!This is my first year of living in the snow and with any luck, it will be my last!! I have tried really hard to be a good New England wife but I am just not cut out for the snow, slush, rain, ice, etc!! Give me sunshine, glorious sunshine!!!

Off to pain management in the morning. That should be fun. Not really impressed with the healthcare out here in the Boston area but I also was extremely spoiled by the medical providers in California. It is just so hard to retrain new doctors.

Well I'm off to get the little ones ready to settle in for the night. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...


Curious on your chronic pain ailment. Cervical arthritis here. At age 45 it really sucks the life out of a person. Daily doses of effexor, tramadol and relafin.

Let me know if you have found any treatments that really help.



Anonymous said...

Hi Steven;

I have sarcoidosis which is an auto-immune disorder similar to lupus and fibromyalgia. They just changed my pain meds and put me on methadone and percocet rather than percocet and oxycontin!! Not fun at all!! I was on non-narcotic meds for a while but they stopped working. At 34, it really stinks to feel so bad. I can relate to how you feel!!!